iPhone Application Development-Productivity

iPhone is an eye candy device. It is not only used for entertainment but can be used as your productivity enhancer. Here is the list of some iphone apps which really contribute in your productivity enhancement. iPhone application development help to achieve this productivity.

To Do Genius

This is revolutionary to do application combined with an artificial intelligent. It has a simple and intuitive interface, requires less time for planning and giving more time to do.


  • Simple 3 button home screen

  • Separate work life and personal life with two sets of to do lists

  • Ground breaking artificial intelligent engine

  • Creation of to do without any text input and with easy 5 taps

  • Clear and clutter free to do list

  • Place calls from within the app

  • Rotate your screen to brows to do list from past to future

  • Direct access from to do to your contacts list, phones, SMS, maps, Safari, Email, etc.

  • Color coded to do list so you can focus on particular tasks

The Gene is an artificial intelligent engine which does thinking for you. When you go to Situation room it will ask you what’s up- where you are, how much time you have, how you are feeling- and generate to do list that are most relevant to your situation.


It is a small CRM application that helps you to do your business better. It organizes your daytime, collecting necessary information regarding to your clients, appointment, negotiations, documents, etc. You can enlarge it or change the functionality with its full featured tools. You can create new events just holding your finger couple of seconds on screen. You can drag every task. Events are resizable. You can sync it with Google calendar. You can sync it with iPhone Address book. It is flexible. You can change most of the properties of objects. You can add new properties with different types of objects like clients, contacts, invoices, services, etc. You can change appearance of object for instance order of properties, location in section, etc. It is all depends on your iPhone application developers to develop this kind of iphone app.


There are people whose inbox act as to do list for a day. This app is exclusively designed for such people. Zipnote is the simplest and quickest ways to send yourself a message, ideas, remainders and tasks. If you send yourself email notes, organize yourself through archive searches, etc. this app is for you. It is simple email to yourself no sync is required. When you send regular email you require to pushe lots of buttons but with Zipnote you need very few buttons to push. It is like a speed dial for your contacts. iPhone web development helps this to be done.

Touch Lists

Keep your life organized with touch lists. Create any types of lists, from general to do lists, shopping lists, project lists or any types of lists you want. Utilizing simple interface list creation is quick. Your lists can be reset or reused. Create reoccurring lists and use it repeatedly. Share your lists with handy email features. You can create and manage as many lists as you want. Reset list to mark as all items as incomplete. Email lists, including completion status with complete access to your contacts in the Address book.