iPhone Application Development- Music

iPhone application development has many facets and Music is one of the demanding applications. Various types of apps are available for music in app store. Here we have discussed some of the important ones.

Music has great power. It can make you sometime laugh and sometime cry. It is language of sound that musician can write anything with it. It is an especial art the musician possess. You can carry music with you all the time with iPhone. It has music playing devices as well as storage capacity to accumulate hips of song files on it. There are plenty of applications available on app store. Some are worth to discuss here.

Radio FM
When you got tired of your stored music or wish to have news in between the music try various Radio FM apps. One of them is Australia Radio FM. You will get all your favorite and most popular radio stations in a single application. Its key features are:

• Display current song titles
• Display history
• Background playing
• Several streams/bitrates (if available) for the same station.
• Search capability
• Favorite station list
• Play/Pause listening and volume control
• Remember the last listened station and resume playing on the next application start
• Suggest your stations directly from the app
• Update station list from the internet
• Information about the stations like bitrate, description and websites etc.

Other apps like Argentina Radio FM. Brazil Radio FM, Canada Radio FM, Chile Radio FM, Christian Radio FM, Comedy Radio FM, Costarica Radio FM, Dominican Radio, Indian Music Radio and Indonesia Radio FM have common characteristics and features.

Musical Terms
Suppose you are learning new music and an unaware of all shorts of musical terms. Suppose you are playing in orchestra and forget the some words of music means. Suppose you are a music teacher and need the definition of some music terms for your pupils. In such all situations the musical term application helps you. Musical term is a leading professional glossary of music terms with a database over 1000 music terms. It contains the most comprehensive collection available right at your finger tips.

o There are over 1000 comprehensive terms
o Fast and comprehensive live search
o Search mode searches the term and the definition so you can find the musical term from the definition even if you don’t know what the term is!
o Clear and concise definition
o Uncluttered and clean interface
o You can email either term or definition to a friend
o You can do it offline means no connection required
o There is scope to add more terms in future update.

Musical Instruments
iPhone provides great opportunities to play various musical instruments even learn various instruments from the scratch. Lua Piano is one of the instruments. It let you play piano with lots of fun features. You can compose your own music and play it. Its distinguish features are:
  • Playable digital formats from sheet music
  • Able to compose your own music
  • Six most popular songs are pre-installed
  • Able to download much more songs on free
  • Highest quality with 16 bits sounds
  • Beautifully designed interfaces
  • Able to run auto play
  • 3 octaves of sample acoustic grand piano sound
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