iPhone Application Development for News

News is an essential need of the modern man. Some are interested in local news, some in national level news and many in international news. There are apps found in iTunes store for news and some are worthy to look at. For news on iphone you have need separate iphone app development for news.

BBC News

Some are addicted to BBC news service and wish same on their iPhone and so this app is for them. BBC provide all kinds of news services international and country wise so naturally their news services on iPhone is multilingual means available in many different languages like Spanish, Russian, Arabic, etc. By downloading BBC News app you can view news stories by Geographical regions, news by categories including business, technology, entertainment, business, etc. Moreover, you can view videos on news including one-minute news summaries to keep you informed. You can personalize the app to suit your interest and download content for offline browsing. If your iphone app developer is expert enough to do this, you will sure get desired news on your iPhone.

Time Mobile

This app is for the people who are interested in Time’s trusted journalism. They can access everything offered by Time from anywhere and at anytime basis. App design is streamlined and features a faster interface incorporating user feedback. It is with ample customization options. Users can customize which sections appear on homepage and how many articles are displayed for each. You can view more articles per section. You will have the ability to listen to pod casts from the app. video library is optimized for online videos on iPhone so you can see videos too. For Most Popular items, you can see what is most popular in every section. Moreover, you can see most saved, shared and read stories. You can save an article for offline reading. You can search articles of your choice. You can refresh articles by shaking the app within a section. You can share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You will have the ability to increase fonts at article level and change fonts at application level.

The Wall Street Journal-Mobile

This app is for news lovers who are particularly interested in financial news. You can access Wall Street Journal’s global news coverage, in-depth-analysis and real time quotes. This is a customizable application. You can access essential news and information, exclusive WSJ videos, WSJ radio pod casts, customized navigation, etc. You can save articles. It comes with enhanced international additions, which also offer specific regional content section and related market setting.


This iPhone application is for dedicated IT media article readers. Key article published by ITMedia are distributed concurrently with the web. All articles contain texts and images. Even lengthy articles are contained on one page so user can read at a flick of operation. This application has built linkage with ‘ever note’, a web based memo management tool. After Twitter account is registered article can be posted on Twitter. You can read text without net connection because it is saved temporary in application. Articles are in categories.