iPhone App Development for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is soon to get deep into our lifestyles as there is a great bit of information and knowledge base that can be accessed through these applications. Right now it’s the buzzword in various spheres like sports, utilities, corporate, entertainment etc and is going to increase for sure. iPhone app development is bringing this new wave with many opportunities to explore more and more with the developing capabilities.

To talk about some of the present applications that are already there in the market, they present useful and helpful functions. Some are there for just fun and some are there to provide real help. So lets have a look at some of the iPhone app development that is here to stay.

New York Nearest Subway:

2D is now old. Get used to the new 3D application that shows you where the nearest subway station is using the camera of the phone. This application has been remolded, through iPhone application development, to suit the features of iPhone 4 like the retina Display and gyroscope.


A very useful app for outdoor activities is SpyGlass. It gives you detailed information about size, distance, location etc about the objects. You can locate hotels, camps; it has a live camera feed through which the information is transferred. It Stadiametric optical rangefinder finds the distance of the objects. And the best part, if you want you can shift it to a normal compass if you don’t want any augmented reality features and save battery.


This iPhone app development is meant to get detailed information about your surroundings. It connects you with Wiki and you can get the information that you want. Not just Wiki but other websites like YouTube, Twitter, Google Local Search, Yelp and It has features like Points of Interest radar-World, display search feature etc.

SnapShop Showroom:

This iPhone app development is for those who love to shop. It makes your furniture and decoration shopping a lot of fun. With this you can visualize your choice of furniture and try with augmented reality as to how it will look. From the available library in the app you can choose the furniture and then try it out with placing the phone at the place where you want to try it and visualize how it looks.

So if you want to converge your real with the virtual world then get an app soon. All you have to do is hire an iPhone app developer and you can get one designed for you, as you want it. Or if you can choose from the available ones on the Internet then iPhone app development has given a lot of choices.

iPhone Apps Development for Carefree Traveling

The monsoon, the winters and the holidays brings along a season of family outings and trips to go places and have some quality time with your loved ones. In this season if there is a companion that can help you plan and guide you through your travel plan can come as a handy tool and iPhone can prove to be just that with its iPhone travel apps development. In this article I will describe some of the most popular travel apps of 2010.

Pack and Go Deluxe:

When you are traveling with your family and especially when there are children coming along then packing the right essentials is very important. This requires a great deal of planning and organization to remember and include of the things that are required and this iPhone app gives a great support by good iPhone Development. You can choose all the essential articles needed for you and your family from a list of a number of articles and be assured that you carry everything needed.

Rest Area Finder:

Traveling on the highway with the family may pose one essential question of where to rest and answer the nature’s call. This app gives you a list of the nearest places where you can find rest rooms, gas stations, food, pet walking, vending machines, etc. it updates your location periodically and keeps updating the relevant data to give a clear picture of where to stop.

MotionX GPS Drive:

This one is a combination of GPS navigator and location finder. With this app you can have GPS like navigation wherein you can find the way through to your destination. Plus this app also provides you information related where you will find the closest gas station, restaurant etc.


This one is a good example of a thought out iPhone travel apps development. This gives you detailed information of flights in real time, about the airports and the terminals with the restaurants available on various terminals. This one is of great help if you are traveling in an unfamiliar territory and you need to find all the right information on time.


This app is very helpful for those who like to go for more adventurous trips, especially campers. It gives you geo-information of more than 7500 federal, state and local campgrounds in the US and links to Google Maps to find more accurate details.

Through iPhone travel apps development you can have wonderful apps that will ease your travel plans and will make them more fun than ever. Now you will never have to get stuck or change the plan or find yourself in an unfavorable situation just because you didn’t have the right information.

Find the Best iPhone App Developer

iPhone is a smart phone. It is a handheld device with a computing platform. It can serve many purposes of its users and has proved itself to be a useful device. There is a craze for iPhone apps development in the market. There are plenty of developers and developing companies are found in the market but all don’t have a success story. So it is utmost necessary to be careful while selecting a developer for you.

Experience is an important criterion for the right iPhone app developer or a company. iPhone development is not an easy task and each and every developer can not do it. Therefore, iPhone developers must be experienced in their field. To gauge the experience you can ask for their portfolio, it will tell you everything. You can do one thing that select a project from their portfolio that is akin to your idea and let them tell you about it. This will ease your work to a good extent.

Costing is the next important thing. It decides the existence of the project because no body is ready to go with overt budget. So always ask for the accurate cost estimation. However quality work is not cheap but it should not too costly either. Select the iPhone app developer who gives realistic costing of your project. For accurate cost estimation you should define and redefine your ideas so the developer can measure its cost very well. It is necessary to be clear in your ideas that will save you from many troubles in future.

Idea matching is an important thing at developer’s end. If there is no matching with your ideas with their skill set then that developer will be unable to work on your project. Similarly check iPhone app developer has clear concepts regarding to your project. If it is not then he or she is not a good taker.

The next thing is development time. It is important for you because you are to put your project in the market before anyone work on the same idea, means you must be competitive. So select the iPhone app developer who gives realistic timeline and has the capacity to finish your project within the given time limits. To help your developer you can give necessary materials in advance, which saves up his time. Moreover, you can respond him quickly so he can work rapidly. Your feed back is important for iPhone apps developer. So give timely feed back.

Communication is the key for success of the project. Select the iPhone app developer who is good at communication and can use all communication devices if necessary for instance email, telephone; live chats on skype, Gtalk, etc. Your developer must give you timely response. He must submit reports regularly so you can keep yourself well informed about all development in your project.

If you have hired an entire team for your project then prefer to have a project manager for it. Project manager will serve as a contact point for you. Confidentiality is desirable in many projects so try to sign an NDA with your developer so he will not expose your unique ideas to others. Maintenance is post development needs so assure that your developer is ready for it.

iPhone Web Development Can Help Your Business Grow

iPhone, as we all know, is more than just a phone to get in touch with people. It has actually changed the entire landscape of what a mobile phones have been and how they will be in the future. And with arrival of iPhone 4 the demographics of mobile markets have completely. In the wake of this situation there are growing needs for various kinds of services related to iPhone and one such high in demand service is iPhone Web Development.

So why are these services high in demand and how are they beneficial? Actually the connection is pretty simple. IPhone has pierced through our lives in almost all the spheres from business to personal, entertainment, news, sports, weather, communication and the list is endless. It has especially proven to be very beneficial as a business transaction medium and people are increasingly using it for their online business. Its capability to use the Internet and support various kinds of websites with complete functionality has made many things possible for people to work being on the go.

So if you have an ecommerce site and you want to make any update or any change you can very easily do it from it. But to cater to this need you require websites that are especially made for iPhone so that they suit the functionality and perform to their fullest. This is where iPhone Web Development becomes high in demand. Since iPhone is a completely different platform than a PC or a laptop, it needs websites that work within and according to its limitations and differences. The smaller screen size, speed of the internet, connectivity, graphic strength, use of keyboard etc are various issues that need to be kept into consideration while doing iPhone web development by iphone web developer.

So keeping all this in mind one has to make sure of certain things during the iPhone Web Development process to make the working of the website properly. First and foremost is that the website should be made such that it fits into the small screen. The graphics should be lightweight so that it loads faster. The navigation should be very simple and easy so that it suits the navigability on the mobile. The content should be precise and to the point thus occupying lesser space.

There are many iPhone dev centers in various parts of the world where you will find experienced iPhone developers working for iPhone web development and their services are really competent. So if you have the need to get an application designed then hire one for your benefit.