iPhone Complaints

Some complaints are of the category that can be addressed by Apple in the next update as it had been done with the previous versions. Means there is room for improvement.

Dropped calls or poor reception
The first thing that comes in the list of complaints is higher percentage of dropped calls and weak reception. Nothing major has been done in this regard by either Apple or AT & T. Many of the users say that none of the both is ready take responsibility.

Battery life
In a conference of worldwide developers, Apple has announced that iPhone 3GS would deliver 9 hours of use on Wi-Fi, video play back would be supported for 10 hours and 30 hours for music from the iTune stores, all with a single charge of the battery. But in fact majority of the users said that the battery drains rapidly despite the claims.

A possible problem could be with the software’s ability to manage the battery properly. For instance, iPhone OS 3.0 supports push notification-that is, alerts-when apps aren't running. The iPhone constantly buzzes during an instant message chat even if you're not using it. This could be draining the battery if the software isn't handling push features properly.

Replacement program
Every user who wants customer support services from Apple has to sign up a two-year care program with Apple costing of $79. This is the biggest disappointment for the iPhone enthusiasts. Besides this, Apple asks that users bring their handsets to the Apple Store or send them off where they are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

No iChat program
iPhone does not support the iChat program from the third party software as well as it doesn’t have its own chatting program either.

No third party program in back ground
iPhone doesn’t support the function of an application running in the background while one is busy doing something else. This might be a kind of an inconvenience when one has to attend any phone call midway of any application. The only way that remains is to quit that application and restart it later once finished. Similarly there is no VOIP support found with iPhone.

Other problems
• People are also a bit perturbed that they cannot tilt the keyboard sideways to use the landscape view for easier typing when emailing.

• Another serious problem concerning the iPhone is its new SMS vulnerability that allows a hacker to remotely install and run an unsigned software code with root access to the iPhone.

• There is no insurance offered by Apple or AT & T at all.

• The phone while in the sleep mode does not ring.

• If you use the backspace key you will be deleting notes a single letter each time.

• There is no battery that you can remove and replace. You have to dispatch the phone to Apple.

• There are also those who complain that the iPhone screen scratches easily and the sleeves and cases cause further scratches.

A lot of people are already aware of the iPhone complaints but since owning an iPhone is like a trend, sales of the gadget continue to increase year after year.

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