Advantages of iPhone 3GS

The previous versions of iPhone lacked some features that an ordinary mobile should have, therefore, in this upgrade to 3GS, all those features were added as well as some additional were given too. With this awareness let’s see the advantages of 3GS over its previous versions.

In the name of iPhone 3GS, S stand for speed and it come with the processor. The iPhone 3GS uses an ARM Cortex A8 processor running at 600MHz, faster than its older versions. This processor brings a good speed in your routine works. For instance, in an experiment with new 3GS, web pages render 128% faster than old iPhones; the clock speed boost was 45% and over all performance of 3GS found mimics to the Palm Pre. The basic application load time found ranges in between the 14 to 72% faster than the other Phones.

In old iPhones you will get either 8 GB or 16 GB memory options, whilst with new 3GS you would have memory ranging from 16 GB to 32 GB. This memory rang make video shooting viable and storing large data possible. You also can save and share heavy images on your 3GS.

iPhone 3GS has shown a technical evolution in terms of camera improvement. The increase in terms of resolution up to 3.2 mega pixels is a good improvement in performance. Besides this, addition in auto focus capacity becomes the reasons for good quality images. Some other features are white balance and automatic exposure, a macro mode capable of shooting at a minimum distance of 10 centimeters and improved sensitivity in low light conditions in iPhone camera functions.

Voice control
This is a distinguished feature for iPhone 3GS Application. You have to simply speak the name of the person you want to call instead of scrolling through the contacts and selecting the name and pressing the call key. Similarly you will get your choice of music played from iTune store.

Voice recorder
Besides voice control, iPhone 3GS has a voice recorder facility. When you want to use it, the screen comes up with a picture of a microphone. Then, you talk into it and it will record what you are say.

Cut, Copy and Paste
Unlike other versions in the iPhone 3GS cut, copy & paste feature is found everywhere. Between applications, the web, message. Not only text, but cut images also, liked an image in web? You can copy it and send via email, MMS or share online. Great!

The most hyped thing for iPhone was its capacity to video recording. In this iPhone 3GS the recording and playing capacity has been increased up to 30 frames per second, which is a norm in video industry. So you can record video on landscape or portrait mode and can even edit it. You don’t need to hang out the PC and wait for the synchronization with iTune.

Apart from the above-described features there are some additional features that need to be mentioned. The addition of compass along with GPS is useful when you are on foot. Enhancement in graphic card is another most sought out feature for the game players and game developers.

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Change Your Lifestyle with New iPhone App Development

The computing world is shrinking from big computers to desktop to laptop to palmtop and now to mini mobile devices, may be with no limits. Arrival of iPhone in the market has created the buzz like never before.

IPhone enjoy almost all features of the computer regardless of its small size and even smaller icons and graphics. It has great appeals to the young generation and that is because of its features like touch screen, minimal hardware interface and virtual keyboard, the device supports the Internet, the Web, email, GPS and a host of applications.

There is something more then that can change lifestyle of the people using the iPhone and that is customized by iphone application development. With its open SDK iPhone got this benefit and turn the lifestyle of many.

It has a task management for everyone. You can beautifully use its Today icon to manage your days work schedule, further customization and integration with calendar yields amazing results.

When you press the next icon in your iPhone you will get the task you have to do at your office and to accomplish it you may need some business related iPhone application. At present use of iPhone in business is common therefore iPhone has started affecting your business life too.

There are chances that you get bored with the constant touch of business and want to entertain yourself then iPhone again come at your rescue and is able to provides you the entertainment applications as well as bulk of games you like, further you can get developed some customized games.

Our weather has tendency to change its mood frequently and even with locally so you may need the data from metrological department to know the coming events from the nature itself. Here iPhone again extends its helping hands and offers you a customized weather application development so it satisfy your all weather related needs.

Suppose you are in the traveling and your salesmanship turn your co traveler into your customer and you are likely sold a product virtually with the help of your iPhone. At this moment he or she may want to pay you with credit card then how will you accept that payment?

Very easy and simple to say that is iPhone itself. You may need to have a customized application developed for iPhone to accept any credit card and this will make your way clear and you are never likely go to lose any customer even during traveling to.

It has been shown that an increasing numbers of business managers use Basecamp as their business management and collaborative tools so there are customized application developed by them to use on your iPhone to manage your business while you are away from it.

Frequent travelers may have a hassle it is to keep track of delayed flights, botched reservations and annoying last-minute gate changes. At this juncture you will get your flight tracked by your iPhone which has custom flight tracking application is loaded.

You may get a word document by email and want to edit it immediately with your iPhone you can do it and send the corrected version back within some moments only with the help of the customized document editors on iPhone.

These are some examples only but in fact iPhone has so many things to change the way of your lifestyle with its new applications developments.

Games and iPhone

Apple has always been known for redefining customer needs and requirements as they did with iPod once and now they have done it with iphone. It’s been seen as an entertaining giant in the mobile industry with some astonishing features of game compatibilities and other multimedia features.

Gaming has taken a front seat as has become of the major reasons for its success. Some of the features that can be credited are as follows.

Size of the screen in iPhone is comparatively larger in iPhone; it is 9 cm or 320 X 480 px at 160 dpi. There is no keyboard required, as the touch screen is big and usable enough to play the games, its easier and handier to play with just touches here and there.

Touch screen sensors are another feature, which gives a unique appeal to the iPhone gaming since it is only form of input for iPhone.

Peripheral support
Many of the iphone game developers see the opportunity to mimic the joystick like devices for iPhone by this feature, to add a peripheral support for iPhone would add more in the gaming experience. iControlPad is one of such peripheral supports for iPhone. The peripheral enables your iPhone to be in a casing that allows for a PSP like feel. It adds physical buttons to the iPhone for the purpose of playing games. The iControlPad will be providing full SDK support, and also source code so developers can get their games to work with the unit.

GPS navigation
A GPS turn by turn navigation feature of the iPhone allows your position to be accurately tracked even as far as direction using the compass opens up a lot of gaming possibilities. “Parallel kingdom” is one of such games. This game is a role playing game that uses GPS to place the virtual world on top of the real world.

Multiplayer functionality
During update of OS 3.0 the multiplayer functionality has been added by Apple. This peer to peer functionality for games is an added advantage for gaming industry. It is not only exciting for players, but also for developers to create games with new concepts. “Outer Empire” is one of the examples of multiplayer games.

Advantages of iPhone 3GS
IPhone 3GS have some distinct advantages of iPhone game developers. Very first and obvious one is its graphic support. No other mobile have such clear graphics support on 160 dpi screen. Second is its processor speed and Internet connectivity. Moto Chaser is one of the TV game versions which are supported by iPhone at the speed of 26 fps (frames per seconds) that is nearly as good as 30 fps normally found on the TV. Finally its storage capacity that is roughly 32 GB that distinctly offers advantages to the games.

Apps store
The biggest advantage for the gaming industry is Apps Store. The marketing and development are two facets of the gaming industry. Apps Store fulfills the marketing needs beautifully by its policies and transfers all economic advantages to the developers. Apps Store provides the platform to bring the game live on and offer consumers to give feed back for it. Finally make the developer being able to provide updated versions of the software based on user feedback.