iPhone App Development for Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is soon to get deep into our lifestyles as there is a great bit of information and knowledge base that can be accessed through these applications. Right now it’s the buzzword in various spheres like sports, utilities, corporate, entertainment etc and is going to increase for sure. iPhone app development is bringing this new wave with many opportunities to explore more and more with the developing capabilities.

To talk about some of the present applications that are already there in the market, they present useful and helpful functions. Some are there for just fun and some are there to provide real help. So lets have a look at some of the iPhone app development that is here to stay.

New York Nearest Subway:

2D is now old. Get used to the new 3D application that shows you where the nearest subway station is using the camera of the phone. This application has been remolded, through iPhone application development, to suit the features of iPhone 4 like the retina Display and gyroscope.


A very useful app for outdoor activities is SpyGlass. It gives you detailed information about size, distance, location etc about the objects. You can locate hotels, camps; it has a live camera feed through which the information is transferred. It Stadiametric optical rangefinder finds the distance of the objects. And the best part, if you want you can shift it to a normal compass if you don’t want any augmented reality features and save battery.


This iPhone app development is meant to get detailed information about your surroundings. It connects you with Wiki and you can get the information that you want. Not just Wiki but other websites like YouTube, Twitter, Google Local Search, Yelp and It has features like Points of Interest radar-World, display search feature etc.

SnapShop Showroom:

This iPhone app development is for those who love to shop. It makes your furniture and decoration shopping a lot of fun. With this you can visualize your choice of furniture and try with augmented reality as to how it will look. From the available library in the app you can choose the furniture and then try it out with placing the phone at the place where you want to try it and visualize how it looks.

So if you want to converge your real with the virtual world then get an app soon. All you have to do is hire an iPhone app developer and you can get one designed for you, as you want it. Or if you can choose from the available ones on the Internet then iPhone app development has given a lot of choices.