Get All New With iPhone OS 4.0 Developed for Your iPhone App

IndiaNIC, a leading Offshore Outsourcing Company, has taken a step further in advancement by introducing the iPhone SDK 4.0 Application Development services. We are happy to announce the details here so that it can be useful to the ones who are looking out for the same.

Apple releases yet another attention grabbing technical marvel the iPhone OS 4.0 silencing all the critics that were hell bent on condemning the previous versions of the OS on the basis of it being unable to multi-task. The iPhone OS 4.0 now comes with a number of iPhone OS 4.0 features including the ability to multi-task and almost as many as 1500 APIs that us sure to make this new version a much adored and wanted in the market.

Some of the main features of the new OS are the SDK 4.0 that has the development and customization possibility through which you can develop, test and distribute your own created iPhone applications. Multi-tasking is the one feature that makes this so talked about. Now you can receive calls while you are working some other application, more than one applications can run at a time and even if the applications are closed they will compete the work and then close. It is like an assortment of seven different services audio, VoIP, location, push notifications, local notifications, task completion and fast app switching that will make it a perfectly usable version.

Keeping abreast with this recent development, IndiaNIC, an offshore company based n India has started iPhone OS 4.0 application development. IndiaNIC is one of the pioneer companies in India having a work force of more than 250+ employees and customers all across the globe.

With an experience of more than 5 years in iPhone Application development, IndiaNIC is a one-stop solution for any kind of needs relating to iPhone and its latest version of OS 4.0. They have a talented team of developers that follows a stringent process for each project that looked upon by a project manager making sure that there is no miscommunication or mistakes happening at any stage of the project. So if you are thinking of getting an application developed in the latest version then IndiaNIC is a highly recommended solution for your needs.

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