Tips for Making Money from iPhone Applications

Apple Inc. opened the gateway to an enormous platform of making money through iPhone application by allowing access to third party developers into the Apple Store. Simple as it is to develop an application of ones own, trickier it might be to make money from it as this involves strategy and channeled planning with a good understanding of the market.

But if you keep only few important things in mind and follow them, you can easily make money online and this sure seems like one of the fastest emerging avenue of business. All you need is a good idea and some thoughtful marketing and you will be all set to earn easy money even if you sit at home and work.

Understanding the Need:
If you get what you need, then there is nothing better than that. So in order to make people interested in your application, you would first need to know what applications already exist, what people are looking and expecting from an iPhone Application. Research the market, browse through Apple Store, talk to your friends, and think as a customer. If you can come up with something unique, consider that you have hit the jackpot.

Make it Simple and Usable:
Fancy is attractive, but what works is whatever is usable. No one wants complicated applications to wreck their brains on. Usability will attract users and its simplicity will retain them.

iPhone application development that is practical, precise and small in size. Large applications will require more space and thus limited people will access it. Applications that are small, fast and easy to load are preferred.

Putting the right Price Tag:
Everything that you sell on Apple Store gets you 70% of the profit, which is a good amount of incentive and the future looks bright.

Estimating the right price for your applications is important. You would need to consider how much time you spent on it and how much was the input cost, this will determine the price tag. But make sure that it’s profitable to the customers, which should be the prime focus, as their profit is what will profit you.

Submit and Re-submit to Apple store:
Once you are done wit the above steps you should submit your application to the Apple Store which will review its usability and functionality and then put it for sale. This is a premier directory with maximum traffic and once it is reviewed it is kept on the top of the applications list.

This is the prime time when you get maximum hits. Try submitting it on Thursdays or Fridays as Apple does not submit on weekends thus giving your application more time to be on top getting maximum hits for longer period of time. Resubmit your application with small changes or improvements so as to achieve that top list ranking again. Not matter how small the changes are, Apple will review and submit.

Launch improved versions to keep the traffic moving. You can also put the primary application for free and charge premium price for later versions. This will help you in your application recognition as free sells the most and later versions can be cashed on with channelized customers.

Web Marketing:
Marketing is the thrust that you would need to propel. More you market, more you earn. Choose the right ways to market your product as much as you can, but maintain subtlety, don’t be implicit. Limit the number of ads you put on the page to give it a clean and less congested look. Google AdSense could be one option. Put ads on your home page; let people know that you have an idea that can be made use of for their betterment.